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How Army’s Killing By Bullets Resulted In Public Suspicion Of Its Killing By Injection In Igbo Land

………..Intersociety (Onitsha Nigeria: 12th October 2017)-The greatest threat facing the Nigerian Army, its integrity and professionalism (if any) as well as its general acceptance and factorization into the multi ethno-religious Federation of Nigeria is its present lopsided composition; designed and executed by the present Buhari/Osinbajo Administration since 29th May 2015.The …

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The Global Movement for Israel

United with Israel The Global Movement for Israel ™ October 12, 2013 Biafran Airlift: Israel’s Secret Mission to Save Lives Starving Biafran girl from Nigerian civil war. Photo: CDC In 1968, thanks to the relatively recent invention of broadcast television, the world was horrified by images of young Biafran children …

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