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IPOB DOS Welfare Department

 Head of Welfare

UK. 00447949902917

Members of Welfare:

Mr. Chidi Dikeocha.

Mr. Maluze Francis Eze.

Mr. Uche Celestine

The welfare department is responsible for looking after the well being of all Biafrans in distress worldwide.

This includes but not limited to Biafrans in Hospital, Prison and Detention as well as the families of these comrades suffering under one form of agony or the other.

Welfare Department is also responsible for the well being of all Biafrans who are in distress because of the work they do to restore the Nation of Biafra.

As a result of the above responsibilities, the Welfare Department will accept any kind assistance from all the well wishers and volunteers to help Biafrans in dire need of our support in this effort ti restore our God-given nation of Biafra as well as our dignity as a people. We are equally disposed to give help to others – none Biafrans who are in need of their freedom.

Please Note:

Any of your donation towards welfare need to be indicated that it is for welfare only.

Thanks exceedingly for your understanding and kind support.


Mr. Chike Alex Elumogo
For and On behalf of the Welfare Committee, IPOB-DOS


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